Never put the MWO close to anyone with a pacemaker. Also, treatment of persons with a pace-maker is prohibited. People or animals with metal parts in the body must be treated subjectively. There are no known side effects but caution is advised. If the person or animal being treated use medication, treatment must be built-up slowly. This in consultation with accompanying physician or practitioner.
Do not use the MWO in the vicinity of sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, etc.
In the treatment of severely ill patients caution is advised. Especially with heart problems there is a risk that the accumulated waste is released too soon, which makes that the lymphatic system can not handle this supply. The result is that the lymph nodes swell. It is recommended that treatment with the antenna, in the first instance is not longer than 5 minutes, and then slowly increasing the treatment time up to a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes. The lamp works different from the antenna and can be used between 10 and 30 minutes. Even though the high voltage comes from the same source for both antenna and light, the effects are very different. The lamp can even be used several times a day. After the use of the antenna, the cells need a period of rest. Nitrogen and other toxic substances, then can be excreted by the body. Drinking plenty of water is very important. Experience shows that treatment on every other day is to be recommended. Slow metabolism because of an under active thyroid is well treatable, and can quite quickly be brought back at normal levels.
Treatment with the Multiwaveoscillator shows that it not only works effectively on the physical body. The MWO therapy also has a beneficial psychological effect. Emotional blockages can be removed by the therapy.
Psychological guidance, however, is essential in these cases. Earlier, the MWO therapy was also used in psychiatric patients. With good results. Despite the truly miraculous power of this unit, it is important to state that the results of the MWO therapy also depend on a number of factors such as motivation, psychological state, physical condition, etc.
The use of the MWO is at your own risk. The Multiwaveoscillator is only for experimental use.