Users Advice ENG

User Advice ENG
Suggested use MWO Energetic system ENG
Pacemakers or other equipment in or on the body present. Never treat or stay near the equipment.
Place the system on a flat dry surface.
Connect the system with the supplied cables to the MWO
Plug the ENG system into a grounded outlet, just like the MWO.
220/240 volt mains. Fuse = 400mA fuse.
Turn on the switch. This will light up and the fan in the ENG starts turning.
Put on the MWO as usual.
Set it in such a way that in the ENG you see sparks until just on the outer ring.
Adjust the system in such a way that you can hear a quiet even signal.
The power does not determine the outcome. So set carefully ans wisely.
Do you treats for the first time?
Then set a time period of max 5 minutes, unless your doctor or therapist prescribes otherwise.
Every time slowly boost the length of time up to 10 minutes.
The best results you get when you repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times per week. Unless, otherwise prescribed.
Under your feet there are points that correspond to organs and other body parts. These will be stimulated and brought into balance. Blood circulation is stimulated and when suffering form restless legs this is a valued method of treatment.
Drink water or tea of biological origin after the treatment to dispose of substances released.
Place bare feet on the ENG system at the center.
You can put a cloth on it for under your feet. Do not close the grilles for ventilation.
In practice is also treated with the hands, by holding them on the system.
It is up to the experts to advise you in this.
In order to increase the energy level of products, crystals, metals, food, beverages, vitamins, minerals, etc., these are placed on the system and treated.
Note. Do this with insight, beverages and food can change their taste. Usually, it becomes softer in taste and when products are treated with many chemical flavorings, the change in taste can be large.
After use, keep the ENG system in a dry place.
This is an experimental system and using it is your own responsibility.
Good luck with your ENG.
Multiwaveoscillator MWO with the Energetic system ENG