User advice

Use of the mat
• Place the mat on a wooden or plastic chair, and insert the plug into "MAT" on the MWO.
• Insert the plug of the other mat in "MAT" return.
• Sit on the mat.
• Set the "TIMER".
• Turn the main switch on, and right away set the "VARIABLE PULSE" controller, so that it pulses clearly audible.
• You will now be charged with energy; with the "VARIABLE FREQUENCY" controller you can control the speed of the number of pulses.
The timer automatically switches off the MWO. Put everything to zero.
So, you can just sit on the mat, and, for example, put the other mat under your feet. Another possibility is that you put a mat behind your back and put one under your feet.
Multiwaveoscillator (standard)

Use of lamp
• Put the mat in "MAT return", and place the bulb in "LAMP" on the MWO. This is because there has to be a transmitter and a receiver; The lamp is the transmitter and the mat is the receiver.
• Sit on the mat and place a finger against the lamp or place the lamp on the spot or point to be treated.
• Set the timer and right away set the "VARIABLE PULSE" controller, so that the lamp clearly pulses.
• You will now be charged; the "VARIABLE RATE" control adjusts the speed of the number of pulses.
• Clean the lamp with a disinfectant. When cleaning with alcohol, remove the bulb from the socket.
•The timer automatically turns off the MWO. Put everything to zero !!
It moreover does not matter what exit or return you use, both have the same function.

Multiwaveoscillator MWO with Lakhovsky antennas

Use antenna

• Put the plugs of the antenna wires to "Antenna"on the MWO, and MWO return; make sure that the wires hang freely.
• Take place between the antennas. The best places are chest/back. When buttocks, thighs and or feet should be treated, do it on the sides.
• Set the MAIN SWITCH to ON, and immediately set the "VARIABLE PULSE"controller.
• You will now be charged with energy; with the "VARIABLE RATE" controller you can adjust the speed of the number of pulses.
• Set the controls so that the MWO continues to sound pleasant, balanced and regular. If you set it too high, the MWO may sound disproportionately loud. This is different for every person to be treated.
• Do not touch wires that run to the antenna; it may have an unpleasant effect, but is not harmful.
• After about 3-5 minutes, again check the setting.
The timer automatically turns off the MWO. Put everything to zero !!
Note: Regularly clean the antenna with alcohol.
It is best to place the MWO behind the tripod on a wooden or plastic stool, and attach the antennas in such a way to the poles that the wires make the shortest path to the MWO.

Multiwaveoscillator MWO print plate antennas

Use of Single Antenna
Shove the antenna on the pole and insert the plugs into the MWO.
Set the timer, turn on the main switch and immediately set the variable pulse control so that the spark jumps up until on the outer ring.
The variable frequency control allows you to adjust the number of pulses per second, set everything in such a way that the antenna continues to sound pleasant. If you set it too high, it will sound disproportionately loud.
After three to five minutes, re-check setting.
The timer automatically shuts off the MWO. Put everything to zero.
You can make many combinations. You can for example, use two antennas that radiate off, a mat and antenna, antenna and lamp, two lamp, two mats, and a sparking antenna.
Battery charging
Insert the plug on the charger into the wall socket (outlet); on the charger now a light will start to burn. The charger regulates everything itself and is fully protected. When the battery is full, the light will turn off. You moreover do not have to wait until the battery is full. If there is no time left anymore, you can - if the battery is sufficiently charged – just use the MWO. However, it is better to use the battery without the charger plugged into the mains.

On the front panel, there is a small black button with a fuse in it. If this must be replaced, then gently with a short stroke turn the cap out. Put the new 5-amp fuse in and twist the cap with a short stroke and light push back on. The MWO is completely secured. The TESLA-resonant coil is – from an electrical point of view - completely disconnected from the electronic circuit.