Skin cancer

Mrs. V. (63) Rheden
Complaints: malignant epithelioma (cancer) on left cheek (open), right eyebrow (open), the front of the right shoulder (hives), and on the back (hives), pain in the neck.
Blood pressure 105/160, dizzy, has already once toppled with bike. Insomnia for 30 years. I awake until three or four in the morning, then falls asleep and wakes up again at five or six in the morning.

Medications: Tenormin / sleeping tablet, Mogadon: Ascal 100mg. Blood thinner/Tenoretic for high blood pressure.
After the first treatment, the neck pain was gone and she could again smoothly turn her head to left and right. When she came for the tenth MWO treatment she had severe pain in the back, which had disappeared after a 7-minute treatment with the MWO. At the eleventh session, she told that in the morning she had been for medical supervision with her doctor. Her high blood pressure had dropped from 105/160 to 85/135 ...! And the places where her skin cancer was, were in fact improving, they are pink and pulling toward the skin color. The skin cancer sores 13th treatment: she had pain again in the neck, which disappeared after 3 minutes on the MWO. For the first time since 30 years sleeps regularly throughout the night. She had even in the evening slept on the couch in the sitting room and afterward also the whole night in bed !!