Scientists and developers


George Lakhovsky
The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) was invented by Georges Lakhovsky with the assistance of Nikola Tesla for his expertise in engineering of radio technology. They were used historically in French cancer clinics in the 1920s and 1930s. We are proud to bring available the most accurately replicated Multiple Wave Oscillators since Lakhovsky's original. On the next page: This picture is made from a painting of George Lakhovsky in the labore/office of Serge Lakhovsky in Paris. Dated 1992 I was there for an intervieuw with Serge. Tom Brown of Borderlands Sience asked me to do this interview. Picture made by Hessel Hoornveld. george-lakhovsky-photokl
George Lakhovsky
Ralph Bergstresser
On the next page: Picture of Ralph Bergstresser who gave me the blueprints of the MWO. The house of Ralph in Sedona, Peter and Ralph standing on the terras. Sedona is an amazing place. On the internet you can find a lot about Sedona. The energy there is so high, a good place for spiritual experiences. This picture is made in Sedona, the mountain is called Cathedral Rock. It has a special place in my office. Every moment of the day I can look at it. This gives me always a very special warm feeling. Ralph-foto-2Ralph Bergstresser
Serge Lakhovsky
On the next page: Picture of Serge Lakhovsky between an original setup of the MWO, son of the great George Lakhovsky. Picture is made in Paris 1992. Serge past away in January 2004. Picture made at Serge Lakhovsky office in Paris. It's the original MWO front with antennas. The MWO is with an trembler system sparkgap. Principle is like the old fashioned doorbell. It was overheated through the high power in 10 minutes. In basic it's a bipolar system. It has a little time difference between the left and right antenna. Serge-Lakhovsky-klSerge Lakhovsky
Professor Jorge Curé
Prof. Jorge Céspedes-Curé was born in Valparaiso, Chile, on February 6, 1931. At the age of 44 he became Venezuelan. At the age of 63 he became a citizen of the United States of America. At the age of twelve he had the good-fortune to be a disciple of Prof. Heinrich Hauser, a retired German professor, who taught him Geometry, Algebra, Chemistry and Physics. Prof. Curé is a true Natural Philosopher who has produced in his book, Einstein on Trial, an extraordinary fusion of physics, philosophy and theology. In memory... Jorge-Cure-klJorge Curé
Hessel Hoornveld
                                                                                                                 HesselHoornveld-klHessel Hoornveld