Ralph Bergstresser History and Development Theory

History and Development Theory

The following article was written by Ralph Bergstresser
The use of high frequency / voltage at low current (in Amps) in living organisms such as plants, animals and people, has been the subject of medical interest for more than 60 years. Experiments with very high voltages have shown that physical pains can be treated very quickly and effectively, and often disappears within a few minutes. It is also found that infection and wounds heal very quickly. These high frequencies and voltages can not be applied directly to the body. The energy is passed through a gas-filled bulb (argon or neon). The molecules of the gas are brought into a very high vibration, and this high frequency goes to the point in the body where physical contact is made, without any kind of discomfort. There is no other manner in which this high energy might be tolerated by the cellular tissue.

Magnetic Wave Therapy has continuously developed over the last 30 years through repetitive experiments, improvements and optimizing the device. Especially the reactions, opinions and experiences of people using the equipment the current device have been established. For example, a doctor in India, had contact with a doctor in Jamaica and advised him not to take more than five minutes to allow the treatment in people with heart disease. The doctor gave it back to us. The reason was that cardiac patients often have a large amount of toxins in their bodies. The MWO, makes nitrogen very quickly be released from the cells of the body. If energy is supplied for too long, it is possible that the lymphatic system becomes overloaded. Drinking plenty of water (ionized) is therefore important, in order to discharge the formed waste through the kidneys. Beginning any treatment whatsoever for five minutes and see what the reaction is. Treat every day (antenna) and extend the time, each time by two minutes, until a total period of fifteen to twenty minutes has been reached. In a number of cases, a patient has a reaction like a rash or feeling tired. This means that the toxins are released from the body.

Hundreds of these devices are in use all over the world, and thousands of people have used it successfully. In America, there has done no scientific research so far. According to the information sources, this is due to the current medical system and the monopoly position which has its influence on all medical developments.

The friend that I have received the draft from has been through every conceivable opposition in America. They attempted to arrest him several times because of the device that was developed in its present form by him, because, according to the states, it could harm social and industrial interests.

The original device, the basic idea for the MWO therapy came from the Russian scientist, George Lakhovsky who worked around 1920 in Paris. Read more about the research of George Lakhovsky. The device of George Lakhovsky was used in the twenties and thirties with great success in Europe, particularly in England, Germany, France and Italy. This equipment was big, heavy and expensive, and thus only useful in hospitals. The present devices are easy to use, light in weight and compact. The equipment is reliable, durable and of better quality. So much better than the old original equipment, partly because there are very good methods to measure high voltages and frequencies.

The high frequency / voltage technique was invented around 1890 by Dr. Nikola Tesla, a truly brilliant scientist who has discovered alternating current (electricity at home, street lighting, etc.). A lot of equipment that makes use of this technique, has since been placed on the market. After 1925, the pharmaceutical and medical cartel using the most high-frequency / voltage equipment managed to eradicate. They found the drug approach much more lucrative. If someone is cured by an electrical appliance in a relatively short period, his medications are not profitable anymore. Many people I have talked too confirm this. The developer of this unit mentioned me, I know doctors who use the devices built by me. In the beginning they were very pleased with the quick and good results obtained by the MWO therapy. After some time, many stopped the treatment and were put back on medication because it was less time consuming and easier.

Fortunately, there are exceptions. A number of doctors has admitted that the MWO therapy is effective and that in many cases the patient has been cured after one or two treatments. When this happens, they lose a patient and thus revenue. In today's hectic time the therapists and doctors who work with this therapy, however, want a relief. The practice is often overloaded and you will see results that are often not thought to be possible.

Photo of house in criple Creek, Colorado Springs. Tesla lived here while he was doing research for Pikes Peak. Linda Goodman stayed here for some time. She wrote about it in her book "Star Signs". This house is near the house where I visited Linda in 1991.De picture was made by Hessel