MWO super charged

220/240-volt version with timer, variable spark gap and with a fine-tuning knob to change the amount of pulse per second. The high voltage power supply inside is CE certified and with a safety shortcut system. The most stable and flexible MWO in the world. Also very useful in making all kinds of pure products of different metals in distilled water. Meditech Europe is supplier of high-quality Pure Water distillers.

MWO Lakhovsky version:

  • With therapy pillows
  • With therapy pillow and therapy lamp
  • With Lakhovsky antennas
  • With Lakhovsky antennas and Rife tube
  • Mwo with colloidal unit


  • MWO-Bodil30 slide2
    Multiwave Oscillator MWO with Lakhovsky antennes
  • MWO-Bodil56 slide
    Multiwave Oscillator MWO with Lakhovsky antennes
  • MWO-Bodil11 slide
    Multiwave Oscillator with therapy pillows
  • MWO-Bodil21 slide
    Multiwave Oscillator MWO with therapy lamp
  • MWO-Bodil19 slide
    Therapy lamp
  • MWO-front slide
    MWO front
  • Lakhovsky-antenne-met-scherm slide
    Lakhovsky antenna with shield (no metals)
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