Gas discharge tubes

MWO and Neongas tube and stand1kleinThis tube is filled with Neon gas and has a wide range. The frequency spectrum is very wide with lots of harmonics. Emotionally, it is an earthly energy that is perceived as soothing and energizing.
A personal favorite of mine is Neon gas and Helium gas. Basically firmly, earthy and refined in the middle and high. The range is about15 meters.
Several gas discharge tubes are possible.
Both the Rife Phanotron as the rod tubes are used in a room where people are present and can be treated. This can be in private or in a group of more than one person and, of course, animals are not ruled out.
Horses, cows, birds and other animals are treated with it.
In a clinic in Moscow is treated by standard with the MWO and Rife Phanotron tube in combination with herbs. They are extremely successful in the treatment of cancer patients. If you like to get more information about the herbs, you can send us an email.
The use of gas discharge tubes in therapeutic applications is not new. Consider the work of Royal Raymond Rife. However, the implementation on the MWO is fairly new. Broadcasting the multi frequencies with harmonics through a gas discharge system is fairly new. The logical thought to introduce this application proves to be successful in practice.

Multi Wave Oscillator with gas discharge tube is a nice compact combination.
The gas discharge tube is filled with neon and helium gas a particular combination which is noticeable rather fast in operation. A pretty
stable orange color which reflects a broad spectrum of frequencies. The field is subtile intens and works deep.
The gas discharge tube in operation transmits a broadband of frequencys in space or by touching the tube directly also into the body through the
It is remarkable how quickly they react and what creates deep relaxation.
The combination of neon and helium Mn favorite and is produced by us.

The gas discharge tube is removable in one second. The MWO can be used
for other applications.

Gastube on MWO 2

MWO gastube handh

MWO with Gastube and handson