Deep relaxation through sound

Deep relaxation through sound
MWO Bodil56 slideIn recent years, treatment with sound is upcoming. There has been much research done and the results are often remarkable. A simple device that generates music frequencies, has no equal and is almost silently used for everything for many years, is the Multi Wave Oscillator. Research and experience show that deep relaxation is the most effective way to get back into balance. This technique is used throughout the world, and not just by professionals

The operation of the Multi Wave oscillator is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance, wherein a cell recognizes its own frequency and is able to absorb them. In music, the term sympathetic resonance is used when a string responds to an external vibration with a harmonious likeness. Sympathetic resonance or vibrating is a phenomenon in which the vibrating body reacts to external vibrations with which it has a harmonious agreement.

The body has its own unique energy system. When this energy system is out of balance and it's tone changes, the mutual sounds do not match. You can compare the body with an orchestra. If the mutual systems are not aligned, the music sounds off-key.

The balance in this system is determined by various internal and external influences. By internal influences you can think of psychological and emotional processes. External interference can be caused by electrical exposure including television, microwave, computer, Wi-Fi, iPad, Dect phone, smartphone, cell tower, smart meters etc. Other external factors are bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The cells of pathogenic organisms from an infected person vibrate at a different, often lower, frequency than natural to the cel, which reduces the life strength. It takes a lot of energy for the cells to resist this abnormal unnatural frequency.

Research shows that every organism has an electromagnetic field (EM field). This field is inextricably linked to various physiological and biochemical processes. All the cells in your body vibrate at different frequencies. These tiny electrical impulses are of vital importance to the intracellular exchange. Through these electric magnetic force your body works like a tuning fork. When the natural frequency of the cells is disturbed and begins to vibrate at a different frequency (oscillation), the oscillation pattern gets off balance.

Due to changes in the electromagnetic field mutations or modifications may occur in the genetic properties (DNA or RNA) of a cell. The changing vibrations activate DNA codes and complaints and diseases may occur.

Someone who had good understanding of this proces was the respected scientist George Lakhovsky. He discovered that all living cells in living organisms (people, plants, animals, bacteria, parasites, etc.) act as oscillating circuits. These vibration systems send and receive (absorb) waves from external sources, each at a different wavelength or frequency. An oscillation circuit can be compared to the movements of a swing or a pendulum in a clock. With this in mind George Lakovsky designed the Multi Wave Oscillator.

What is a Multi Wave Oscillator
MWO front slideThe Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) is a tuned resonant system which is a multi-frequency generator. The basic idea for the original MWO came from the Russian scientist and bio-energetic pioneer, George Lakhovsky. He was inspired by the theories of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of high frequency / voltage technique. George Lakhovsky has elaborated these ideas with the help of Nikola Tesla. The result of his research is described in his book The Secret of live, electricity, radiation and your body. According to Lakhovsky the genes and chromosomes in all living cells are constantly in motion and function as small transmitters and receivers. Also, they have a resonant frequency that is due to size, shape and capacity.

MWO is based on bio-resonance whereby natural frequencies of cells, tissues, organs and the body are harmonized. MWO stimulates the self-healing ability of the body. When cells are exposed to a wide range of electromagnetic waves, they absorb the energy that matches their own resonance frequency. In case of damage, complaints or illness there is always a disturbance or disruption in the vibration of the cells. MWO works quickly and directly on disturbed or disordered vibrations. Cells, tissues and organs are harmonized under the influence of electromagnetic fields and active in their own right frequency. This eliminates distortions and restores the natural balance in the body. MWO is widely deployed and further comments are unnecessary, the interview speaks for itself.

For more information on the Multi Wave Oscillator or help finding a doctor or therapist who uses the MWO in your area, please contact Hessel Hoornveld.
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Cancer Cured For Good - By Bill Sardi and Timothy Hubbell October 2008

It works 100% of the time to eradicate cancer completely, and cancer does not recur even years later. That is how researchers describe the most convincing cancer cure ever announced. The weekly injection of just 100 billionths of a gram of a harmless glyco-protein (a naturally-produced molecule with a sugar component and a protein component) activates the human immune system and cures cancer for good, according to human studies among breast cancer and colon cancer patients, producing complete remissions lasting 4 and 7 years respectively. This glyco-protein cure is totally without side effect but currently goes unused by cancer doctors. Normal Gc protein (also called Vitamin-D binding protein) , an abundant glyco-protein found in human blood serum, becomes the molecular switch to activate macrophages when it is converted to its active form, called Gc macrophage activating factor (Gc-MAF). Gc protein is normally activated by conversion to Gc-MAF with the help of the B and T cells (bone marrow-made and thymus gland-made white blood cells). But, as researchers explain it themselves, cancer cells secrete an enzyme known as alpha-N- acetylgalactosaminidase (also called Nagalase) that completely blocks conversion of Gc protein to Gc-MAF, preventing tumor-cell killing by the macrophages. This is the way cancer cells escape detection and destruction, by disengaging the human immune system. This also leaves cancer patients prone to infections and many then succumb to pneumonia or other infections. The once-weekly injection of minute amounts of Gc-MAF, just 100 nanograms (billionths of a gram), activates macrophages and allows the immune system to pursue cancer cells with vigor, sufficient to produce total long-term cures in humans. Nobuto Yamamoto, director of the Division of Cancer Immunology and Molecular Biology, Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says this is "probably the most potent macrophage activating factor ever discovered." A MACROPHAGE OVERCOMES AND EATS A CANCER CELL. 

"My mother is ok. She does all the tests for cancer every 3 months and everything is ok. Also colloidal gold has great effect on me. After taking it for almost 6 months I feel more power and endurance when I swim or go to fitness. It is better then antioxidants... far more powerful. 
Best greeting!" V.S., Slovenia 

Dear Hessel.
Thank you for the notice which is very clear. I asked somebody in my family to write precisely all kind of interventions with the MWO (now 6 persons use it regularly, including 2 with cancers). My mother walked yesterday to the center of the town without any stick : about 2 sloping kilometers ! The doctor said to my brother : when I see how is your mother, it questions all I have learned about medicine... Thank you for all,
Best regards,
Bernard Lincy France


Learn the truth about mammograms, hormone replacement therapy, vitamin D levels, breast cancer, and more. 

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

First, before I get into the topic of breast cancer, I want to remind you about the interactive feature of my website, called Vital Votes.

The information I share here is based on my own experience treating tens of thousands of patients over the past 20 years, and reviewing tens of thousands of articles on natural medicine. But it is only my experience, and there’s a lot more information out there, some of which you may have experience with.

So, below every article, there’s a section where you can add your own comments and insights to increase the body of knowledge about alternatives to the toxic solutions touted by the traditional medical model. If you’re not already registered, you can do so for free.

The Problem With Breast Self-Exams

Diagnostically, breast self-exams (BSE) have long been recommended as a simple way for women to keep track of anything unusual in their breasts.

It’s fairly self explanatory, as you simply palpate your breasts on a regular basis, looking for any suspicious lumps. The problem with breast self-exams is that it typically forces women into a conventional, and potentially dangerous, diagnostic model.

If you do find something unusual, you will typically be brought in for a conventional diagnostic strategy involving the use of a mammogram.

Unfortunately, a mammogram uses ionizing radiation at a relatively high dose, which in and of itself can contribute to the development of breast cancer. Mammograms expose your body to radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray, which we know poses a cancer risk. Mammography also compresses your breasts tightly, which could lead to a dangerous spread of cancerous cells, should they exist.

And, should you end up getting a breast biopsy, then that too can have detrimental consequences.

If I was a woman, I wouldn’t get one as there are much safer options available.

My favorite is thermography, which measures the radiation of infrared heat emanating from your body and translates this information into anatomical images. I have numerous articles on the topic of thermography on my site that you can easily find by using the site’s search engine. I offer thermography at my clinic.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule your thermogram, you can call Ela at our Thermography Diagnostics Center in Chicago at (847) 252-4311

Prevention is the Best Cure, and is Easier Than You Think!

It can be incredibly useful to focus on the factors that actually contribute to breast cancer in the first place.

One of the most important ones was a completely unknown factor when I first started this newsletter. As little as ten years ago, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was believed to be safe, but has since been proven to drastically increase your risk of breast cancer.

One study made the startling discovery that HRT with either estrogen alone or estrogen-plus-progestin was associated with a 70 percent increase in breast cancer risk when the therapy was taken for five years within the six years preceding the cancer diagnosis!

This is also true for birth control pills. They’re synthetic hormones which may even be worse than Premarin, so I strongly advise women to avoid birth control pills as well as traditional approaches to HRT.

Bioidentical hormones, which are a safer alternative, do not appear to contribute to breast cancer like its synthetic counterparts.

Two other important components for breast cancer prevention include:

Your vitamin D levels -- We now know that if you can get your vitamin D levels up to about 60-80 ng/ml, it will virtually eliminate your risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is particularly sensitive to vitamin D, so it’s very important you regularly monitor your vitamin D status with a 25(OH)D test (also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D).

There are many variables that may prevent your body from optimizing vitamin D from sun exposure, and there’s no other way to determine your levels other than through lab testing, using a reputable lab (I recommend LabCorp in the U.S.) 

Your fasting insulin levels – It’s also important to know what your fasting insulin level is (taken after 8-12 hrs of fasting). Ideally you’ll want your insulin to be around 2 or 3. The higher your level, the worse it is.

Breast cancer patients with high levels of insulin in their blood appear more likely to die from the disease, and researchers have even found that insulin levels may predict whether a woman's breast cancer is likely to recur after therapy.

We’re in the process of making these two tests available in the U.S. to anyone who would like them without a doctor’s prescription. This service is not available yet, but stay tuned as it will become available shortly.

Eating and Sleeping Your Way to a Cancer-Free Life

Other preventive components include eating and sleeping right. In particular, you’ll want to pay careful attention to your fats. Nearly everyone needs to increase their intake of healthy omega-3 fats. I recommend using a high quality animal-based omega-3 supplement like krill oil.

Additionally, you’ll want to eliminate all the trans fats (heated, processed fats), because the combination of omega-3 deficiency along with an excess of poor quality omega-6 fats is a disaster when it comes to the production of vitamin D-sensitive breast cancer.

Lastly, you need to optimize you melatonin production. Ideally you should allow your body to do it the natural way, which is far easier than you might think.

Optimizing your melatonin production is a simple, two-part process.

First, make sure you sleep in absolute pitch-black darkness.

If you need light to get to the bathroom at night, use a RED penlight. The red has a wavelength of about 600 nanometers that will not stimulate your pineal gland and disturb its production of melatonin.

If you use an electric alarm clock, beware that blue LED lights are probably the worst as they stimulate your pineal gland and disrupt melatonin production.

Secondly, expose yourself to bright sunshine in the daytime.

It’s the combination of these two strategies that will optimize your body’s natural production of melatonin, which can clearlyreduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

The Emotional Component of Breast Cancer

Therapeutically, another component to remember is that if you or someone you know has breast cancer, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the emotional factors as emotions almost always seem to be a factor in cancer.

One of the best tools I know to address the emotional roots of illness was developed in Germany by Dr. Hamer. He called itGerman New Medicine (GNM). A revised version, developed in the U.S., is called Recall Healing. The therapy addresses emotional components that seem to be really strong triggers for developing this type of cancer.

The leader in that area is Dr. David Holt, whom I’ve interviewed for my Inner Circle expert series, who operates in Reno, Nevada. I hope to be making Recall Healing available shortly, in my Chicago clinic.

Combining all of the measures mentioned above can be a very powerful way to prevent breast cancer, which of course is the most effective way. Like Kennedy said,

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

But even if you already have cancer, you can still use these strategies as additional therapies, especially vitamin D.

And remember, if you have other insights into this topic, please share them in our free forum below.  By participating you can help create the body of knowledge that will help us all find effective alternatives to the current disease-based paradigm.

Source: See This BEFORE You Get that Mammogram… 

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