Lymph nodes Cancer

Example: Monique Bes (23) Sint Maarten (Noord-Holland)
Diagnosis: Lymphoma

Treatment: After chemotherapy, the cancer seems to have disappeared. As a precaution then a birthmark on the back, between the shoulder blades, is removed. After the operation, it appears that the cancer reveals itself again right on that spot. Monique's father is convinced that this operation has reactivated the cancer.
Then they irradiate the affected area with a very high dose. The cancer seems to be suppressed again, but Monique suffers terrible pains. Then the father of Monique finds the MWO. Monique is being treated with an MWO by INGE SCHOOTS, therapist in Arnhem – and, as she immediately responded very well to the MWO treatment, Monique's father bought it immediately himself. From the 1st treatment on with the MWO Monique has no pain and, according to her father, no cancer. Yet Monique Bes died on July 8, 1992.

What in fact happened? The high dose of the last radiation proved fatal! Monique's esophagus was burned, making it as if it were shriveled; therefore, it was impossible for her to eat. "Monique eventually died of malnutrition, that has our doctor also admitted himself," said Monique's father. That the MWO could have played a greater healing role in this, is for the parents of Monique a sure thing. "If only I had started the treatment before! Then that fatal radiation would never have been necessary!" says the father from Monique. "In any case, Monique from the first treatment with the MWO had no pain anymore !! His other daughter has dozens of warts all over her body, which she treats every day with the MWO, and the warts disappear within a few days.
Since, the death of Monique, Mr. Bes successfully treats people with a variety of complaints in his immediate vicinity. "This way I can at least help much more people with the MWO," says Mr. Bes". Monique would also have wanted this. "