Visiting Linda Goodman

Picture of Linda at here house in Criple Creek. The year 1991.

Linda-Goodman-met-boeda-kopIn 1991 I visited with Peter some more than interesting people in the USA. We stayed a few days with Linda at her place in Colorado Springs. This was really an amazing time. We talked about Tesla and all the great inventors.
Linda has been writing books as Star signs, Goobers etc. She signed for me also here books. We had also an interview with her, and everything is on videotape. This tape is not available.
When I was on holiday in Denmark, there was a German family who saw an interview (I believe CNN) with Linda, and she was telling about those two amazing guys form Holland.

Linda died some years ago.
She was very special to me.




Tesla-huis-in-Criple-CreekThis is a picture of the house in Criple Creek, Colorado springs where Tesla was living while he was doing his research at Pikes Peak. Also Linda Goodman stayed here for a while. You can read this in her book ´Star signs´. This house is near the house where I visited her in 1991.
Picture made by Hessel Hoornveld in 1991.







Linda-Goodmans-house Linda Goodmans house in Criple Creek, Colorado Springs, USA. Linda told me that here house was build on an old vulcano.