High blood pressure

High blood pressure
Example: Mr. Jaap Limonard from Zaltbommel, Private person.
Complaints: Blood pressure 140/220, overall condition was poor.
An excessively high unwanted cell division, swollen glands, stiff muscles and joints, chronic diarrhea (for 20 years already), mental and physical exhaustion due to malaria oxide, stress and irregular life style. "I worked as a technical representative at Fokker and for 30 years wandered around the world, ended up sick and the company doctor indicated that I had to immediately stop working. I do not know whether it was a wise decision from him, but he thought that I would still be alive for only a half year. He ordered me to go to my family doctor, but that doctor actually did nothing. Perhaps rightly so, because he probably also thought that nothing could be done anymore. The strange thing is that both my company doctor and my family doctor actually never told me what was wrong with me.
PJ: But they were able to tell you that you just had half a year to live anymore ... What did they base it on?
JL: I would not know. I was also too overwhelmed, felt too bad and too tired to ask it or to try to find out. It is like if you stumble. As if you live in a different world, in almost complete darkness. Quite overwrought, at least I did have those symptoms, but that was not the cause! I had a blood pressure of 140/220, but I could get a pill for that, but that did not help, of course. I had discovered by now that I did not need to have any expectation of cure with the regular doctors. They did nothing! To them I was already finished .... it was just waiting for the end.

PJ: How did you finally find out the real cause?
JL: I then went to confession with a health practitioner, who nowadays have perfect methods to find out the cause of certain symptoms. This at least had a wide range of possibilities to establish the correct diagnosis. He at least diagnosed a malaria oxide. All my intestines were disordered. That was reflected in diarrhea. Per day I had to go to the toilet for 15 up to 20 times. That started out about 20 years ago in what was then Persia, and I've never recovered from it. Also, now I still have to be careful that I have a role of toilet paper with me when I, for example, go for a walk in the woods. Or, when I go out in the city, I make sure that I stay in the vicinity of a department store! But that happens at most once every 4 to 5 weeks, while before that the order of the day. Anyway, from the moment that I started with the MWO treatment, I pretty quick recovered. I actually used the full range of Energy Products, the BLOOD ENHANCER, FANTASIA/MIRACLE WATER PURPLE PLATES, POLARISER and of course the MULTIWAVEOSCILLATOR, which thus brought about the breakthrough in my healing.
Really remarkable is that after 3 days of treatment with the MWO my blood pressure had dropped from 140/220 to 75/120, plus my urine showed a big discharge. Except for the yellowish morning urine, it was usually as light in color as water, which was not good, of course. My kidneys were not working optimally. But after I had undergone a few days of treatment with the MWO, my urine was of good color, so poisons and dirt were being discharged from my body, which was so far detained. I even had the idea that I had to watch out a little that I did not recover too quickly! Because sometimes I just had too much energy and that again also felt not nice, that listens pretty closely.

So, when I felt good, I did not use the MWO! Physically I soon felt a lot better, I just got a lot more energy. Now, sometimes for a few days, I feel a bit less, but every human being experiences that. But the enormous fatigue ...
For example, if we went for a walk, I often said to my wife, "You go on ahead, and get the car but, I'll stay here." When you come home from such a walk and then you're completely exhausted. We came home sometimes, well-well-well ... I just could not do anything anymore, then I would stretch out on the floor. Then you're in a completely different world, so tired I was at that moment, totally exhausted from such a small walk. Then you are finished, you can go to bed, then you are completely apathetic. You think that you slept, but it seems as if you have not been sleeping at all. I'm still there now and then, I've just had it a few days ago, but that’s by far not as bad anymore. That is no comparison ....
PJ: If you would not be in the possession of an MWO, what would you not be able to do?
JL: This conversation for example. I would get completely exhausted from it. No, I could not handle, and now I can.

PJ: How long has it been since you have officially stopped working?
LJ: Officially in October 1991. Say, over a year ago. Before I forget to mention it, I had a lot of pain in the neck, but after a few MWO treatments it was completely gone and I have never had that trouble anymore. PJ: In fact you have belied the prediction of your doctors that you just might have half a year more to live? Are you still under medical supervision from your company doctor?
LJ: No, I'm no longer under his medical supervision, he was a very fine man, that's not the point, and he was not wrong either ... No way, I'm sure. I went to see him once more and then he said: "I did not expect this because I thought six months after you came to me for the first time, you would have died ...!
I must, moreover, have to add that my wife used the MWO and also her overall condition has improved. She has a lot more energy. She had occasional small complaints, you know them, the kind for which you do not go to the doctor. Also, spiritually, she had the occasional grumpy day, which was rather chaotic. That is all finished! She simply has more energy, she is able to put things better in line, no small complaints anymore and she has a good humour, is more tolerant. PJ: Thus, the MWO has, beyond all other products and treatments, in your opinion brought about a clear, observable change in the healing process? LJ: Absolutely! This is indisputable and it is no coincidence!! The healing process has almost immediately after we started with the MWO treatment, undergone a clearly visible positive effect.