heart disease

Mrs. J.K. (73) Nijmegen

Complaints: palpitations, arrhythmia, heart vibrations, chest pain, chest pressure, pressure on the throat, tightness, short of breath, dizzy. This woman had a slight heart attack before but did not want to bother the GP (old school) because it was weekend. Since then she had had the above symptoms and does not dare to get out of the door anymore. She is about to undergo cardiac catheterization. After the 1st treatment, she already could breathe better and the pressure/pain in the chest and throat was completely gone.

No palpitations and dizziness anymore. At the 2nd treatment - 3 days later she complained of pain in the knee. She had tripped and had problems with her knee. After the treatment, the pain in her knee disappeared. She said she already could go to the city and market for shopping without any fear or other problems !!
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