Date 1-12-2011
"One of my special experiences with the Multiwave is when my middle finger ended up in my sawing machine. It was pretty serious, until on the bone and after getting stitches in the hospital I had to start taking antibiotics immediately. Despite tha,t my hand swelled and discolored considerably. The first days, I unfortunately, did not come up with the idea to do something with the multiwave, but on the third day, I put the lamp near the heavily infected wound. From that moment on and for over half an hour pus flowed out continuously. There really was a trickle. Then it stopped and nothing came out anymore. At most, very occasionally a minimal amount of wound fluid. I continued to use the lamp every day and my finger has healed miraculously fast and now you do not see much anymore. This is just one of my special experiences.
Michiel Verhoeven. "
This reaction from a customer who had a tear in the wrist and therefore looked really crooked because of a deformation.
After four treatments of 45 minutes with antenna and lamp the pulse was again straight, just as the other one.
It was a pity that I had not taken pictures before and afterward. It was just a miracle.
Thanks for your unique device.
Kind regards.
"Dear GJ, Just a happy Easter greeting. It’s was very nice at winter vacation, Great skiing, beautiful weather, and snow. And no problems with my arm. I actually completely forgot about it, and it is just normal. Rare sensation. I want to thank you for your concern and help. When I feel that I need your help again, I will contact you.
M van r "