Dr F.K. Geisberger Md from Spain

To Hessel Hoornveld of Meditech Europe

The colloidal silver solution is very well accepted by my friends, who are healers, doctors, scientists, a.s.o. They motivated me to produce bigger amounts and sell it via an existing distribution company.

The solution produced by the MWO is much better than all the other stuff on the market, as they seem to produce just a toxic silver oxide. Most do not even use real clean water, so they measure or tell they have 40 ppm, which has turned out to be a standard. But I guess their water itself is "dirty" and the silver connections. Like silver Chloride, sulphate, jodid, etc. measures also such "dirt" and easily they get to 40 ppm of substances in the solution, but most is not silver and most is toxic oxidation products.

Your silver has been measured and it is real clean nano particles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!