Chronic pains

Chronic pain
Mr. John van der Molen 02-02-2011
Complaint: Chronically ill
"Thank you very much! I'm so happy with the device – just indescribable! I treat myself every day for 30-40 minutes and can yodel again I have been through a rough time, have been so-called chronically ill for years, was in a downward spiral with heavy poisonous medication and was desperate, had no energy, did no longer want to undertake anything anymore etc. But now everything is back uphill. For example, now I play the piano every day and the difficult pieces, that I always had ignored, I can handle easily now, and I also find it enjoyable to go out again, etc. The joy of life comes back again! Thank you very much for producing this machine and making it available to mankind. You save people’s lives with it. "
Sincerely, John van der Molen, Kerkrade

Mr V. (72) Rheden
Complaints: Chronic back pain because of wear of the inter vertebral discs.
At the start of the MWO-treatment he had suffered a viral infection, that made him very sick: diarrhea, pain all over the body, pain cramps in stomach / intestines, hoarse.
The first treatment was started on the second day that he fell ill. Treated for 20 minutes, the hoarseness had disappeared. Two days later, the hoarseness was back ... After 20 minutes on the MWO, the back pain was gone and he felt a lot better. Immediately after treatment he had to go to the toilet like a rocket, where he went completely empty. From that moment on the stool was normal again. Hoarseness disappeared. I treated him seven times with the MWO and he is a small boss again. He can do everything. Even though, if he does the odd job in or around the house or goes with his wife to the city, he still has a little pain in his back, he can easily handle it and it is not at all comparable with how it was before. And, he has much more energy than before.

Ms. T. (21) Nijmegen
Complaints knee injury during aerobics, pain during prolonged standing in the market (her working place).
After, the first treatment, she had more complaints. After, the second treatment, it was better. But because she stressed her knee again, it got bigger again and the pain came back. After, the third treatment, the pain was almost gone and she was loading and unloading her truck again without that the pain returned.

Mrs. H. (40) Rheden
Complaints: Years of pain in the right shoulder, arm, wrist, neck. Severe and frequent migraine attacks. Often she could not lift her right arm.
She was operated on about two years ago and her upper rib was removed because they thought that this blocked a nerve. This did not do any good, the pain continued ... First treatment, after 20 minutes the pain was reduced to barely noticeable. After seven treatments she felt perfect, had more energy and no significant pain anymore. She has denounced the regular treatment with the MWO and now comes only as needed. For example, if she has a day worked too hard at home, window cleaning, scrubbing, lugging and the likes of that, then the pain is back, but it disappears again after a few minutes on the MWO. The hemorrhoids are less and she has no longer had migraines since the start of the MWO treatment.

Mrs. J. (37) Rheden
Symptoms: severe pain in the back, neck, shoulders, occasional headaches, sometimes migraines.
After the 1st treatment: immediate relief in the neck and shoulders, "it's not completely gone ...". After the 2nd treatment: pain is gone from the neck and back, only a slight pain in the shoulders. After, the 3rd treatment: pain is completely gone.

Mrs. L. (69) Rheden
Complaints: pain in the joints - hips / shoulders / neck / knees.
After the 1st treatment of 17 minutes, the pain in the knees and neck disappeared.

Mrs. S. (63) Rheden
Complaints: pain in the hip, which permeates into the buttocks and left leg, making that she was unable to get up from a chair. The pain wanders. After the 1st treatment for 15 minutes with the MWO, the pain has disappeared ...