Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer
Submitted e-mail
Date 17-5-2010
Dear Mr Hessel,
A while ago I called you about my bladder cancer and discussed how to apply the MWO and further guidance to Hans. April 12 I had a cystoscopy which showed that I had again two tumor relapses that had to be removed by surgery. The disappointment was big, but, I did however put my last hope on the MWO and the colloidal silver, and some additional things like mms and sodium bicarbonate. Last May 10 I was on the operating table and the doctors were puzzled because the tumors were gone, there was still only a little wound visible. Of course, they find all kinds of "explanations" for this, such as that it was probably an infection that was mistaken for a tumor. Because I myself had seen it on the screen and had to testify that by the structure it obviously really were tumors and that several doctors came to that same conclusion, it indeed came from the alternative therapy and the MWO, that the tumors were broken open. Shocking to see that the hospital continued to deny even when they thought it was remarkable. When I asked if they could make a note of this, the chief physician said that he would see what he could do and walked away immediately. If I can add something useful with this testimony let me know because I would like to inform others about it.
With best regards,
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