Date 6-10-09

My son suffers from Morbus Bechterew disease at an advanced stage. When he was 12 or 13 years old he already complained about pain. We thought that it were growing pains and the doctor was fairly laconic about it. He is now 30 years old.
I had never heard about Bechterew disease and did not even know that this disease existed.
He got more and more pain over the years. The doctor kept saying that swimming was good for him. Countless times we went to the doctor who found nothing but did prescribe a lot of heavy painkillers. It was only until in
1999 that he was referred to the hospital for making an x-ray photo. There was nothing to be seen on the photo,
so it was nothing. Because of the pains he could not go to school anymore and after that, he was always dismissed if he had a job. The Joint Administration Office (‘GAK’) made it difficult, the Social Services made it difficult, they could do nothing in the hospital without referral from the doctor, the Health Department of the District (DGD) could not compensate for necessary building changes in our house, and this is all because the disease had no name. In the end, his one leg was half the size from his other leg and he walked on crutches. It was October 2004 and we were desperate.
We thought it could be rheumatism, but we still had never heard of Bechterew. My son weighed only about 49 kilograms and could not walk anymore. All the doctors he had seen could not help him until I went with him to another family doctor. This doctor immediately asked how it was possible that it had come this far. My son was immediately admitted for three weeks to the hospital and after that, six months in a rehabilitation clinic. He took Enbrel and many inflammatory drugs. Now he is doing reasonably OK again, fortunately, the Enbrel works well with him. But working a job is not possible anymore.
He is always tired, often must vomit and many times suffers from headaches. When we were ready for it, we started looking for additional support against the headaches, the vomiting and having no energy (always tired). After having tried many things, we are now on a tight schedule of Enbrel, supplements, and the MWO. The MWO is very important to him because it stimulates all the good qualities of the other treatments. This provides a balance in his energetic process and therefore also clearly works on his emotional experience. We are very happy with it. He can walk and laugh again. And, he does not need to use painkillers anymore.


What do we do now so that he feels better:
1. 2 x weekly 25mg Enbrel, sometimes 1x a week is enough.
2. 1 x week in the Multiwaveoscillator with pointing the light on various places where the vertebra is fused (after an intensive period of 2 x per week). As soon as he stops this, his energy clearly declines.
3. Each day additional supplements:
Vitamin ester C 1000mg,
Schussler salts 4 tablets daily of the numbers 4, 7, 10, 11, 17, 21, 22.
DNH Multiplant rheumatism 2 tablets per day.
Vitamin B12 1000mcg 1 tablet per day.
Vitamin D3 5mcgn 1 tablet per day.
Everyday healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and low starches. A vegetarian diet with Seitan (a vegetable protein product that is low in carbohydrates).
Little or no sugar (because we found out that causes the headaches and nausea).
The use good oils like Kokovita in cooking and non-thermised oils like evening primrose oil and borage oil (bernagie) in salads. (Omega 3.6.9.)
Important for his resistance are vitamin D3 and vitamin C because the Enbrel makes his resistance decrease. Vitamin A is also important, but this is sufficient in the diet.
Next to all this, he trains three times a week with a physical therapist to stay strong and swimming is also very good for him.
The medical regulatory body has given a warning to the family doctor.

His mother