Application areas

Application areas
For immediate information please look at findings on the left of this page.
Take an example from the following message on how it also can be:
The mother of Mr. Lincy, 72 years old, was sent home because the doctors could do nothing for her anymore.
Terminal cancer and a stoma.
Dear Hessel.
Thank you for the notice which is very clear. I asked somebody in my family to write precisely all kind of interventions with the MWO (now 6 persons use it regularly, including 2 with cancers). My mother walked yesterday to the center of the town without any stick: about 2 sloping kilometers! The doctor said to my brother: when I see how is your mother, it questions all I have learned about medicine ...
Thank you for all,
Best regards,
Bernard Lincy. France

Result cancer-free and stoma-free. It is clear that this is a story in itself, and that each situation is unique. What I would like to explain is that nothing is impossible. More information on this web site.
With best regards.
Hessel Hoornveld (all text below already in English)