Multiwave Oscillator with Lakhovsky antennas

The Multiwave Oscillator
The Multiwave Oscillator is a resonance device which subtle tproduces a wide spectrum of frequencies with harmonics. Singing bowls, violins, etc. do so.
It is not a medical device. It's more a musical instrument and has the following effect: deep relaxation, being thoughtless and a feeling of wellbeing.
George Lakhovsky, an important, asserted that every cell in the body is informed by the MWO and the vitality is stimulated again. The technique and the experience are simple and beautiful in their simplicity.


Deep relaxation through sound

Deep relaxation through sound
In recent years, treatment through sound is increasingly popular. There has been much research and the results are often remarkable. A simple device that generates music frequencies that is unparalleled and that for many years almost silently gets deployed for everything, the Multiwaveoscillator.

Research and experience show that deep relaxation is the most effective way to get back into balance. All over the world this method is used, and not only by professionals.

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